Manage Inventory on Amazon, Walmart and Ebay – Starts from $11.99 per hour


Let us take care of your account and we’ll ensure the effective and profitable work of your ecommerce business. Sustaining your seller performance on a high level is our top priority. The account managers will make everything to bring you the best experience possible. Our services include:


  • Posting your products on the marketplace
  • Checking product pages after loading – to prevent any kind of mistakes
  • Inventory replenishment – to provide all products in stock promptly
  • Stock updates – taking account of all your returns refunds and cancellations
  • Order processing – covering processes from placement to final shipments
  • Reimbursements for all kind of damage during inbound processes


E-commerce Data Managing – Starts from $12.99 per hour


Our Services of ecommerce accounting is all you need to keep your business well-maintained and running smoothly.  We will carefully maintain your data ensuring the incessancy of the purchase processes together with invoice creation. Our Correctly build system will save your time and money preventing future discrepancy of the inventory. We offer:

  • Filling of the Purchase Orders
  • Invoice creation
  • Product information integration
  • Data updating


Image Improvement – Starts from $12.99 per hour


In our days first impression about a seller forms from the visual perception formed from the images of the products.  Professionally edited photos of your products and services may highly benefit your sales level.  Moreover, high quality images will help you to broaden an impact of advertising campaign together with gaining more traffic to your website. Make your images look their best with our superior editing services from background correction to quality optimization.


Amazon Enhanced Brand Content – Starts from $14.99 per hour


Enhanced brand content is something you should apply to your product in order to increase sales.  It’s always easier for buyers to see images and get involved in a deal when they have better understanding of real product’s functionality.  The designers of our company together with marketers have rich experience of creating highly effective resolutions for enhanced content.  For us there is no difference which product to promote as we always deeply studying the product and it’s features.  We provide:

  • Professional photography of the products
  • Image improvement
  • Image collages
  • Illustrations
  • Keyword empowered descriptions
  • Logo design


Search Engine Optimization – Starts from $14.99 per hour


Being visible for your target audience may not be as simple as it seems. We focus on ensuring that your store and your products have high rankings in search engines. Our specialists will help you to increase sales by providing services from off/on page optimization to social media marketing and content optimization. With us you may be confident that your potential clients will reach you.  Weather you need a full range of SEO cervices or specified one our prices will surprise you. Choose what is needed for your company:

  • Local Search optimization
  • On Page optimization
  • Website Audit Evaluation
  • Backlink assets creation
  • SMM
  • New content development
  • Copywriting


Consultation Services – Starts from $24.99 per hour


Don’t know which way to choose growing your business or simply need help in understanding your key priorities to follow? Union Progress team will gladly help you to implement your greatest ideas and turn them into real profit. We start with going much beyond the surface of your case and work with you until the final resolution. We help to:

  • Open your business from scratch
  • Find a new niche
  • Discover new marketing strategies
  • Differentiate your business


Customized web development – Starts from $34.99 per hour


Web–site is a valuable asset for every business. If you are the seller willing to stand out, we are here to help you. Web–sites that are custom developed are proven to have highest conversation rate and greater client’s involvement. Here at Union Progress we are focusing on high skilled development for the effective solutions. Contact us to learn about the pricing.